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What brands are used?

Becky uses all MAC products although if you would have a specific preference, she is open to suggestions.

Any tips for preparing my skin before the big day?

Don’t change you skin routine to close to the day. If you are in the process of facials etc., its really important not to start them too late. Start and complete them months before, this way your skin has time to adapt to its new regime. Drink Plenty of water, its so important and you will see the benefits very quickly.

Allergic reactions?

This will be discussed on the day of the trial, if there is any products or ingredients that must be avoided, Becky will cater for your needs and have a replacement product that suits. All of the products that Becky uses are dermatological tested and suit all types of skin.

How many faces can be done by Becky on the morning?

This is up to the bride. Becky will happily cater for your mother in law, all your bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and also flower girls. Time is key so a definite number of people must be given to Becky before hand so she can plan times for each make up. This will help the morning running smoothly and stress free.

What time will Becky arrive?

This depends on how many people are getting make up. Becky will organise the time and let you know in advance to make sure that the time of arrival suits the bride. The bride is always last to get her make up done. This means the rest of the bridal party will be ready first.

Tips for top-ups?

Becky will make sure that the make up will stay put for as long as possible.She will recommend top up products for you on the day of the trial and make sure that they are being applied appropriately.

How soon do you book?

Becky will take a booking 12 months before the date.